General Services

Gladesville is a large “A-class” hospital which is fully computerised to allow ready access to your pets’ medical records. We have extensive facilities to provide total health care for your pet including hospitalisation, general anaesthesia, a full range of surgical procedures (including specialist surgery), acupuncture, trigger point therapy and Nuclear Medicine. We are equipped for full dental care, radiology, video-endoscopy, electrocardiography, and intensive care. Our own trained nurses perform the majority of our pathology testing in-house, so we can access these results quickly. We regularly update our equipment to maintain state of the art technological capabilities.

Gladesville Veterinary Hospital is a GP’s consulting room, a hospital, a casualty ward, an operating theatre, a recovery ward, an intensive care unit, a radiologist’s rooms, a pathology lab, a specialist referral centre, a nutritionist’s advisory centre, nuclear medicine centre, an acupuncture and trigger point therapy practice, all under the one roof.

But it is much more – a place where you and your pet can feel at home. We are all animal owners ourselves, and we understand the bond that exists between you and your pets. We aim to provide not just the very best technical expertise available for animal health, but also an environment where it is evident to both you and your pets that we genuinely care as much about their welfare as you do.


We are fully accredited to implant microchips as required by NSW State Govt law. We also meet the accreditation requirements of the Australian Veterinary Association in routinely providing national data-base recording of all animals microchipped at Gladesville.

All creatures

We offer caring treatment to dogs, cats and birds of all shapes and sizes and to all other domestic pets that you might have, including guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, rats and mice

Native Wildlife

We have a longstanding policy of treating native Australian wildlife at no charge.

Puppy Preschool

We run regular puppy preschool classes for our younger fluffy friends to help start them off on the right paw! These classes are run expertly and enthusiastically on a weekly basis by Jenny Harlow and is supported by other members of our team.

Canine College

The Gladesville Veterinary Hospital Canine College is a behaviour program for adult dogs, run by our own Delta-qualified dog trainers, Jenny Harlow, Fiona Kelly and Jason Astbury.  Although for most of the pupils the post-grad program is a follow-up from puppy pre-school classes, graduation from pre-school is not a pre-requisite for attendance. If your adult pooch’s manner need some polish then it’s time for college!


We are happy to board pets for short periods of time up to one week. Alternatively, we have an arrangement with Meadowmist Boarding Kennels to pick up and deliver your pets from and to Gladesville Veterinary Hospital as a convenient service to our clients. Meadowmist Boarding Kennels and Cattery was the first NSW Accredited Pet Boarding Business and has been since 2007. This accreditation is awarded by the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA).


We also have a qualified groomer available Monday to Friday and the occasional Saturday. Bookings are essential for this popular service as it is in highly in demand, especially over the warmer months.