Our front of house kitty tells it like it is…….

Well I’ve spent the past month dodging injections, spitting out tablets and generally giving all these daft people my sternest of looks. They think I have some silly disease….Lint-oma? Late-oma? Lymph-oma? Who knows….. I’m sure they just make these things up sometimes so that they have something to do with their silly needles and machines. And even if I did have it, is it any wonder? I mean, an old fellow like me under all this stress…keeping this place running, keeping all the staff in line, all these mouths to feed (or at least just my own). It’s a miracle I haven’t ended up completely batty already!


Anyway, they’re filling me up full of medicines that are supposed to make me feel better. They assure me it’s not a conspiracy but I’m not so sure. It is a little suspicious that ALL the vets and nurses seem to have the same agenda of sticking things in me and down my throat. I knew there was a reason I started spending my day on the front desk all those years ago……other than supervising those receptionists, that is.


Just between you and me, I do feel a little better and I’m hungry all the time now although let’s face it, that’s nothing new. Don’t go telling those over-enthusiastic vets that though…..they might think they’re onto something!